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Travel Clinics

If you are going overseas please make an appointment for Travel Clinic with one of our Travel Doctors. Prior to coming in you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your upcoming trip and previous vaccinations.

The doctor will advise you on all aspects of travel, from malaria and other insect born diseases, prevention and treatment of traveler's diarrhoea, vaccine preventable diseases including hepatitis, typhoid, cholera and rabies and more. The costs of vaccinations are additional and vary. Your travel fees includes complete oversight by the doctor, who will also prescribe you any additional medications you may need whilst travelling. There is a fee for travel clinic, and as there is no subsidy for this from the government for children or CSC holders additional charges do apply. Please note we do not offer Yellow Fever vaccination.

Please remember to come in to see the Travel Clinic Doctor way in advance of travel, some immunisation courses can take months to complete.

We highly advise all our patients travelling to anywhere in the South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, or remote destinations anywhere to come in. To do some reading before coming in we suggest or as good sources of advice.