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GP Consultations

We invite you to enrol with Medplus as your preferred provider for primary medical care. This means Medplus will be the main provider of your health care and with your permission, we will request your medical records from your previous provider.

Enrolled patients immediately qualify for lower fees.

If we have appointment availability we are happy to see patients who are not enrolled with us.

Please note, we operate from 2 sites. Please check you know which site you are booking to attend.


Our weekday appointments are booked at 15-minute intervals which includes the time your doctor needs to clean their room, briefly look at your notes, collect you, have the consultation, and complete all note keeping. This means your consultation itself is about 10 minutes. Please be realistic about what you can achieve in this time and prioritise your issues so we deal with the most important first. If you feel you have a complex issue (such as an emotional issue) or have a list of problems, then please book a double appointment. If you need a translater please let us know in advance and you will need a double appointment.

Appointments can be face-to-face or virtual (phone or video). They can be booked via reception or on the Health 365 Patient Portal. Same-day appointments can only be booked via reception and all patients needing a same-day appointment will receive a brief phone call from our Phone Triage GP or nurse. This is to ensure that those who have urgent problems are looked after in an appropriate time frame, and those that can be helped over the phone are managed accordingly. For more information please go to

Face-to-face consultations are streamed into Red and Green Streams currently, to ensure that potential COVID cases are kept separate from others. Red streams are those with cough, sore throat, runny nose, head cold, muscle aches, loss of smell or fever. Green is anything else. All Red appointments need to be booked via reception (not the portal) and will probably go through the phone triage process, with a call back by a senior nurse. We see Red patients in our Red Cabin at Medplus Lake Road, in Hauraki.

Thank you for your help with cancellations - If you need to cancel an appointment, please do this at the earliest opportunity - cancellations with less than 2 hours' notice will incur a fee. For your convenience, we send a text reminder of your appointment the night before. We also text Anne Street patients to remind them that they are being seen there.

At the weekends we operate an Urgent Clinic at Medplus Lake Road, no appointment required in advance, between 9 am and 12 noon. Whilst COVID is in our community it is helpful if you phone us early on in the morning so we can get you into a Red or Green stream.

Please note we require face masks or coverings for everyone over 12 years of age whilst at either branch of Medplus.

Virtual Consultations

We can support you with phone or video consultations if required. These are the ultimate in convenience for you. However, there are some limitations as we can not examine you if needed. Please think carefully about a virtual consultation, it is clearly not sensible for chest pain, abdominal pains, skin checks and anything else where an examination provides essential information. Virtuals are better for follow up of long term health problems, but are also useful for mental health. If you can provide us with information, such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and peak flow (in asthma) that helps greatly. Also, if you take a photo of a rash and upload it to the patient portal we get better resolution than on a video consultation.

Video Consultations

If you have booked a virtual appointment, please put if you want a video consultation in the additional information box.

Then, choose the appropriate web browser. if you are on an iPhone use Safari, on android use Chrome, on Windows and Macs you can use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Go to

You need to enter your name – please do so as FIRSTNAME, SURNAME, Date of Birth

E.g. JacindaArden26July1980

Allow camera and audio access. You will enter a virtual waiting room and your GP will pick up your consult when they are able to. Your appointment time is only an indication.

If we can't find you in the virtual waiting room we will of course phone you.

Appointments on weekdays can be booked on our patient portal, Health 365.

Please note payment is expected at the time of service. You may pay by credit card, EFTPOS, or internet banking. If you have Southern Cross just give reception your number and we may be able to claim your costs directly from them.

Repeat Prescriptions