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Online Portal

Our enrolled patients over 14 have free access to our Patient Portal, Health 365.

Our convenient portal (named Health365) gives you access to your medical records and can be used for the following:

If you wish to be registered on the portal please ask our reception staff who will be happy to help. We require an proof of identity and an email address, preferably a personal rather than a work email and one that is only accessed by you, rather than shared.

At registration you will be emailed a user name and a password.

Please immediately log into Health 365 and change your password to something secure and memorable only to you. Keep your password safe, just as you would a bank pin number, in order to keep your records secure. Parents can have their children aged under 14 linked to their portal on request.

Login to Health365

The Medplus Health 365 Portal

Medplus pays for enrolled patients to use the portal as we believe it is a useful tool to help you access all your medical information and to communicate with us. Whilst access to the portal is free to users, there are some services offered via the portal which have a fee attached to them, for example, requesting repeat prescriptions and asking your doctor questions. You will be invoiced if you use these services. You can see your invoices in the accounts tab. Access to the portal is always at the discretion of Medplus staff and can be removed if we believe it to be appropriate. Please note, your doctor is not sitting waiting live on line for questions and requests for repeats to come in, during their working day they will be seeing other patients. Each of our doctors will set aside time once on each of their working days to answer on line questions and to do their repeats. Please therefore do not ask any urgent questions or ask for urgent repeat prescriptions via the portal - they may not be attended to in an appropriate time frame.

Booking Appointments

If you require a standard appointment the portal is an excellent way to book. Please do not use it for booking medicals, surgical procedures, Mirenas, and vaccinations as they need to be booked via reception to ensure we have everything ready and set up for when you attend.

Medical Records

On August 1st 2017 we opened up the medical records made by your doctor relating to a consultation. Consultations prior to this are not accessible on the portal. In New Zealand having open records is relatively new and unusual, but overseas it has been a growing trend. Whilst it is clearly advantageous for patients, doctors do find the concept of open notes somewhat of a challenge. Our aim is that you will be able to look back at what you have discussed with your doctor and see the plan that the doctor has made for you.

Some of our doctors write their notes in full at the time of the consultation, but others make brief notes or headings and write them up later on in the day, so it may be best to wait till the next day to look. Our 15-minute consultation time is supposed to include 5 minutes of note keeping, but many of our doctors let the consultation run on, creating extra administrative work for themselves later.

Please be aware that medical records do, of course, use medical jargon and abbreviations, but we hope that some will be easy to comprehend. Please be aware that some terms have completely different meanings to the lay person than the doctor. Medical notes are often brief and condensed down to the points that the doctor thinks are most clinically relevant. We have spent much time reassuring our doctors that they will not be judged on their grammar, spelling or typos, so please be forgiving! If you have questions about what has been written please do not hesitate to ask your doctor next time you are seeing them. Legally we cannot go back in and make changes to existing notes, we can only add an amendment later.

Asking your doctor a question via the portal

Please note that this is a non-urgent service.Our doctors will normally clear their administrative tasks once on most week days that they work, and are not constantly monitoring portal questions. If you have an urgent question please phone the medical centre and speak with the receptionist or medical assistant or call 111.

We have had a big increase in the portal messages our GPs are having to manage. This is just a gentle reminder that the portal can be used for quick and easy questions, the sort of questions that can be answered in one quick sentence with no to-ing and fro-ing.

Please remember that your doctor spends their own time answering these questions after they have finished consulting, and therefore there has to be a fee for this service for it to be sustainable. The fee varies between $20 to $50 depending on time taken. Please consider this and decide if you will get better value for money coming in to be seen. Also note that a fee applies even if you are asking a question about a child or are in the early stages of pregnancy.

Please do not use the portal to message your GP regarding administration issues. For please example call reception if you want an appointment, need your NHI or immunisation history, or if you want a copy of a letter sent to you. Receptionists are the ones you need for any administrative issues, and you can always email them at

Reviewing Laboratory Result

Test results become visible only when your doctor has filed them. If your result is abnormal the doctor will make an annotation visible to you in a column to the right. If they require some action to be taken they will make contact with you, normally via the medical assistant or nurse. If you have follow up questions about your results please either make a normal consult to see your GP, book a phone consult if appropriate or send a portal question.

Immunisation History

You can easily see what immunisations you have been given at Medplus on the portal. We routinely check the National Immunisation Registry when a new patient enrols with us, and all immunisations recorded on it are added to your record. The Registry only dates back to the early 2000s, so it is really only useful for immunisations in the last 15 years. If you want a copy of your child's immunisations you can either check your Plunket Book or you can screen shot the portal immunisation history page. This is an easy option and is free, whereas there is a small charge for requesting an immunisation certificate. If you have immunisation records that you would like added to the computer record our practice nurse will do this for you, and there is a nurse consultation fee for this. If you believe that you have vaccinations recorded in a previous GP's notes, that has not been delivered to us in a computer searchable format, our nurses can read through all your old records in an attempt to find them. This is often a long process, and again a nurse consult fee will apply.

Repeat Prescriptions