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What immunisations have I had? I can't remember.

Oct. 16, 2019

Immunisation records

Every immunisation given at Medplus is recorded on the Health 365 Patient Portal so you can review your history when ever you need to and share it with schools or your workplace if required. Just take a screenshot of the page.

When children transfer into our practice, we automatically contact the National Immunisation Registry and get all that is recorded there electronically added to our computer records and portal. If you have transferred from a general practice that had stored the immunisations in a useful format, they will also be easily visible to us in our practice system and visible to you on the portal.

Unfortunately, the National Immunisation Registry only started about 15 years ago, and any vaccinations given before then are not recorded. Some individuals have also opted off being on the register. Immunisations given overseas are also not recorded. Some practices have not computerised many of their old records and may transfer information to us in a way that makes referencing them very labour intensive. Most practices only became computerised at the turn of the century, and so any immunisations given prior may only be recorded in paper notes (often unintelligible) or in your Well Child Book. This means that your immunisation history may appear to be incomplete.

If you have a list of immunisations that are not on our system, perhaps from overseas or from an old child health book or travel clinic book, our practice nurse will happily add them individually onto our computer record to store them for future reference and to make them easily accessible to you on the portal. This will be done in a nurse consult and there is a fee of $35 for this process. The nurse will also be able to advise what catch up immunisations may be required. You do not actually have to attend this consult, it can be a 'virtual' consult, and the nurse can message you when it is completed. If the record is in a foreign language, we may need you to attend the consultation to help us translate.

If you believe that you may have been given immunisations elsewhere and would like our nurse to trawl through your old medical records to find them, update our system and make future recommendations, we are happy to provide this service. Again, it will be done within a "virtual" nurse consult and there will be a fee of $35.

If you require an immunisation certificate, and a portal screenshot or download is insufficient, this can be generated for a $15 fee.

What has become clear following this measles epidemic is that having access to your full immunisation record is vital.