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Vaccination update - Doing great but let's aim higher

Oct. 1, 2021

Vaccination Update – Doing great but let's aim higher.

The Medplus team is delighted to see that as of 30th September, 8208 of our eligible patients have had at least one COVID 19 vaccination (many are double vaccinated) which makes 85.8% of our community on track. This is fantastic news for our community, but we would still like to help more people get over the line.

We recognise there are many reasons for vaccine hesitancy and our staff are happy to talk, without judgement, to anyone about their questions and concerns.

Getting vaccinated builds our immunity to COVID-19. This protects you and your loved ones and lets you get back to the things you love doing. When everyone who can get vaccinated does get vaccinated and our community has good immunity, we can again enjoy travel and overseas family reunions.

To look after our people and our whakapapa means we need to ensure that those who need protecting in our communities – our kaumātua, our babies and our whānau with health conditions – are cared for and shielded against COVID-19. We need to ensure our hospitals operating theatres and intensive care units are freed up to manage cancers, joint replacements, heart operations, organ transplants and all their normal essential services. Currently much essential surgery has been delayed in case our hospitals fill with COVID cases – this is causing suffering to those awaiting healthcare. Support them through vaccination, so you do not need to use an ITU bed that could be used for someone who has been waiting for an operation.

When all of us who can get vaccinated do get vaccinated, the collective immunity we have will help us be free from the COVID-19 pandemic and all the challenges, separation, and hard times it has brought.

Our people deserve to lead their own hauora journey. Too many people are spreading false and very misleading information, and this causes concern which undermines our oranga Motuhake. Medplus can ensure you get access to the trusted information you need to make informed decisions for yourselves and your whānau.

Seek help about this soon. It takes 2 weeks for the vaccination to start working, so the sooner you have it the sooner you are protecting you and your loved ones.

To get an immunisation, or just to arrange a discussion, please call 09 489 2011 or email