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A true tale of an urgent problem solved by Medplus Phone Triage

Feb. 2, 2021

A true tale of an urgent problem rapidly solved by Medplus Phone Triage.

Zoe (name changed to protect her privacy) was fraught one Wednesday morning before Christmas– it was her first day at her new job. She was starting at 11am and working through till 7pm and absolutely had to be there and had to be at her best. However, she had been up all night, having to go to the bathroom every few minutes and was peeing blood-stained urine. She knew it was a urinary tract infection, even at the young age of 23 she had already had a few of them. She also knew that some antibiotics would rapidly fix the problem and leave her being able to function at work.

She phoned her own GP when they opened and disappointingly could not get an appointment with them that week. She headed to Shorecare and the wait there was going to be several hours – she would be late for work. Whilst there she called her Mum who suggested she call Medplus. She did, the Medplus reception team were friendly and was put onto the list for a phone triage call-back. She had not even heard of this service, let alone used it so did not hold out much hope. She sat despondently waiting and called her Mum back in tears.

She was just about to call her new boss to say she could not come in when she got a call from Nurse Pippa from Medplus. Pippa asked some questions and got some details about what symptoms Zoe was suffering, ascertained that she had not got a temperature and quizzed Zoe about allergies and past medical issues. Less than 5 minutes later Zoe zoomed out of the full Shorecare waiting room and whizzed to Labtests to do a quick urine test that Pippa had arranged on the phone. After that she stopped in at the pharmacy that she had indicated was most convenient for her, where a prescription of antibiotics was waiting. After taking her antibiotics, and reading the advice sheet Pippa had emailed her, Zoe headed off for her first day at work, knowing that everything was going to be alright after all.

The next day she enrolled at Medplus, and her delighted Mum kindly sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Medplus Devonport as a thank you. To that lovely Mum, thank you, the flowers looked amazing for the Anne Street opening, but it was all just part of the normal Medplus service. We are happy to help.