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Traffic lights and what it means for Medplus

Dec. 15, 2021

The red traffic light means no change for general practice - we are operating the same as we did in level 3 lockdown.

Whilst we celebrate that so many of our patients are fully vaccinated we still need to protect the vulnerable in our community, including the immunocompromised and the children too young to vaccinate. Medplus needs to be a safe place for everyone to come to.

The recommendation is still for us to do virtual appointments wherever possible, and only bring in patients when absolutely needed. Of course, masks are essential.

Our waiting room remains closed and patients who do need to be seen in person will be asked to wait in their car, or outside until called in.

We have started to do skin checks, drivers' medicals, IUD/Mirena clinics, and cervical smears again but other longer procedures such as aclasta and iron infusions we still cannot offer at this stage.

We continue to stream patients into red and green streams and segregate them.

Please work with us on this. It is not easy to operate in this way, it is very time-consuming and all our staff find it difficult to work in PPE in the hot weather. Thank you to all for your cooperation, it is much appreciated.