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Thank you to the Tzu Chi Foundation NZ for a donation of PPE

May 12, 2020

The supply of PPE for healthcare workers world wide has been in short supply and has made international news.

In the initial days of lockdown we were only getting a few days supply of PPE at a time. Supplies have become much better, but we really rationalise our use of it and ensure we are not wasteful of this precious resource.

It was a wonderful surprise to be presented by with a supply of PPE by Dr Albert Wu on behalf of the Tzu Chi Foundation New Zealand last week. We are very grateful for this gift and will use it wisely to protect our staff when they are dealing with possible COVID 19 cases.

We have also been gifted plastic face shields, carefully printed by volunteers, and face masks sewn by friends. It has been very humbling that our wider communities have been so thoughtful and generous and we are very grateful. The kindness and support has certainly been an enormous boost to team morale during some of the most stressful days. We count our blessings that so far we have not had the same horrific experience as our friends and colleagues overseas but are relieved that we will be well resourced to cope if we do.