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Sept. 22, 2019

Virtual Consultations

We are pleased to be able to offer virtual consultations, currently by telephone but soon we will be offering video consultations. As you can imagine these appointments offer the ultimate in convenience for you, however their use is limited to conditions where a physical examination is not required.

We use them almost exclusively for the management of long term health conditions, and find them very useful for assessment of patients with long term and stable mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, arthritis, thyroid disorders etc. Their applications can increase if certain measurements can be provided, so for example, they can be used for follow up of high blood pressure if blood pressure readings can be delivered by the patient. Clearly these appointments are not useful if you have an infection or injury as an examination will almost certainly be required. We have recently used virtual consultations for responding to demand about measles and giving out information about the MMR vaccination.

Please note, no controlled drugs or sleeping tablets are ever prescribed during virtual consultations.

We only offer virtual consultations to our enrolled patients, about conditions their doctor has advised them are suitable for virtual consultations. Please ask your GP if your condition is suitable for a telephone consultation. We also insist that virtual consultations are only with a GP you know very well and are preferably enrolled with. Virtual consultations are only possible whilst you are in New Zealand territory, if you are overseas our doctors are not licensed to manage your care.

To book a virtual consultation please phone 09 489 2011 and ask the Medical Assistant to help with booking and make a payment by credit card. The fees are the same as a face to face consultation, and includes the fax of any prescription to your local pharmacy. The times available are currently just those available within your doctor's appointment diary as per the Health 365 Patient Portal. As per any consultation, the time booked is just an indication. The doctor may be running late depending on what has presented prior to your appointment, so please book to allow yourself sufficient time