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In support of your local pharmacy and what it can do for you

Aug. 15, 2021

Our friendly pharmacist, Anne Marie Ready, has written this piece for our newsletter. Our team greatly appreciates the support of our local pharmacists, who frequently communicate with our medical team to ensure our patients get the best results. They are a backstop who check we prescribe optimally, support patients, provide information to us about patient medication usage (or misuse) and we believe their input is essential to safe patient care. We do not get this service from the big new pharmacy supercentres that are beginning to take over. Please support your local community pharmacy.

Our pharmacy has been proudly serving the people of Takapuna, alongside the team at Medplus Family Medical Centre for a decade.

We are locally owned and operated, open seven days a week, and strive to continuously provide a high level of service, a friendly ear and a welcoming environment.

The $5 prescription charge – where does this go?

This is a common question. The simple answer is to the government.

The prescription charge, or co-payment, is intended to be the contribution you make towards the cost of your medicine and is collected by community pharmacies on behalf of the government.

If a pharmacy chooses to waive this charge, the government still takes $5 from the pharmacy. Some pharmacies are willing to absorb this loss.

As a locally owned pharmacy, we are unable to absorb this loss without dropping our service to you and have chosen to charge prescription charges in order to continue to provide you with our full service.

Free medicines and services

You may not be aware that many prescription medicines are free at all pharmacies.

All medicines for children under 14 are free. Also, once a family (an individual or couple with or without dependent children) has had 20 subsidised prescription medicines in one year, they receive free prescription medicines for the remainder of the year.

Our pharmacy provides many free services including care and advice without the need for an appointment and taking time to coordinate with other health professionals to resolve issues on your behalf.

Please ask any of our team if you have any questions about the services we offer and whether or not they incur a cost.

Going the "extra mile"

During the worst of the pandemic last year, we stepped up. We maintained our opening hours and ensured the highest levels of safety for everyone that needed to visit our pharmacy while making sure people in the community who couldn't leave their homes still received their medicines.

We value talking with and getting to know our customers and their concerns. You are not a number to us, time is not money, you are a real person with unique challenges we want to help with. No matter how complicated your prescription regime, we ensure you receive thorough advice for the best possible health outcome.

Our pharmacy team likes to make you feel welcome when you come to visit us, offering to help you find what you're looking for and giving advice based on our extensive training and experience.

You can access the following services at our pharmacy:

Please continue to support your local pharmacy.