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Reopening at weekends - our urgent weekend clinic resumes

June 18, 2020

Reopening at weekends

We are very excited to be back to operating at the weekends after a short hiatus due to COVID 19.

We do hope you will support our weekend service when you need to– it was barely used during the first three weeks of lockdown and became unsustainable. Even at the best of times we only break even on it, but feel it is important to our community to provide a 7 day a week service. Please use it if you do need it, or risk losing it for good.

We have devised a system to overcome the operational difficulties associated with having minimal staff at the weekend and separating out patients with potential COVID symptoms from others. On arrival to our car park please book your place on the doctor's list by telephoning reception. Please wait in your car in the car park – which has become an extension of our waiting room. The nurse will phone you to triage you, and if you do not have a cough, a cold, a sore throat, and a fever (green stream) you will be brought into the building and will be sat in the waiting room. If you do have any respiratory symptoms (red stream) you will wait in your car and depending on the degree of risk, you may also be seen in your car. The doctor will use 2 rooms – one for green stream and one for red stream. The doctor will wear PPE for red stream patients.

It is also possible to have a VIRTUAL appointment on the weekend. Phone the reception to book your place in the queue, and pay in advance by credit card.

If you are a red stream patient, please come alone (unless you are a child). Red stream patients are encouraged not to use our bathroom facilities, and only to touch the chair they sit on. Everything must be cleaned between red stream patients, so please help us to operate smoothly and minimise the surfaces you touch. Red stream patients will not be able to enter the reception area and will need to pay at the time of booking by credit card over the phone.

Whilst we fully recognise that this is a rather cumbersome way to operate, it is, we believe, essential to keeping our patients and staff safe. If there is community spread of Covid in the future, general practices are the first places likely to encounter it. We do not want to drop our guard now; we have done so well and want to go the extra mile to ensure that Medplus remains a safe place to visit.