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Red and Green Streams

Aug. 27, 2020

Red and Green Streams

At Medplus we prioritise your safety and well being above all else. In this era of COVID 19 we recognise that medical centres overseas have been a place of transmission of the virus, and we are going to great lengths to ensure that this does not happen here.

Any one with a cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, fever (even if only a sniffle) could potentially have COVID 19 and is therefore catagorised in our Red Stream. Anyone else seeking help without any of those symptoms is in our Green Stream. Please help us by disclosing any symptoms that put you in the Red Stream, for the well being of our other patients and staff.

If anyone you live with has Red symptoms then you need to be seen in the Red Stream even if you do not have these symptoms. If you come with an escort, they can not come in if they have any Red symptoms.

We are ensuring our valued Red Stream and Green Stream patients do not cross over at Medplus.

The Red and Green Streams only apply to face to face consultations.

Regardless of whether you are Red or Green you are kindly asked to wear a mask or use a face covering if you are attending Medplus.

Red Stream

If you or your family have any cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat or fever you will be put into the Red Stream by our Phone Triage GP. Whilst we realise that the incidence of COVID 19 is currently low, we are still taking very strict measures. Most Red Stream patients will be offered a COVID 19 test.

One doctor will be looking after all Red Stream patients each session, and will be seeing them in our new Red Cabin. Our doctor will be wearing PPE, and the room will be cleaned between patients. The Red Stream patients can not access other parts of the building (please use the bathroom before visiting). Our Red Stream patients will have to pay on line or via credit card as they will be unable to pay at reception.

Any patients wanting a COVID 19 swab will be put into the Red Stream if they meet the case definition.

When you get a call from the Phone Triage GP please let us know if you actually want a GP consult in the Red Stream, or if you are happy managing your symptoms at home and just want a quick COVID 19 swab.

Green Stream

If you have an issue that is not related to a cough and cold symptoms you are in the Green Stream. Please wait in your car until your appointment time, and only enter the waiting room at the last moment. Your doctor or nurse will be wearing a mask and possibly gloves and a face sheild. Please do not bring additional people with you unless you really need support. All escorts will need to provide contact tracing information.

You will be taken to the consultation room directly, which will have been cleaned between patients.

You will be able to pay at reception on exiting the building.