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Portal Messages to your GP

Dec. 15, 2021

We have had a big increase in the portal messages our GPs are having to manage. This is just a gentle reminder that the portal can be used for quick and easy questions, the sort of questions that can be answered in one quick sentence with no to-ing and fro-ing. Also remember this service is not for urgent issues as it may be 48 working hours or more before your GP gets time to look at, and respond to, these messages.

Please do not use the portal to message your GP regarding administration issues. For please example call reception if you want an appointment, need your NHI or immunisation history, or if you want a copy of a letter sent to you. Receptionists are the ones you need for any administrative issues, and you can always email them at

As part of our upcoming fees review, we will be applying charges more consistently to portal messages that take time for our GPs to investigate, action and respond to, and as a result you may find that portal messages you have previously not been charged for, may now result in a fee. This is because of the volume of portal messages our GPs now need to deal with and the time it takes for them to respond to these. Please remember that it will cost you $20 per question regardless of age and this cost is not covered by maternity funding in early pregnancy. Please balance up whether it is better value to book a virtual consultation instead. If you are having to write an essay it probably warrants a consultation with your GP.

Please note that the portal messages will not be checked during the Christmas break when Medplus is closed.