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Patient Portal (Health 365) Survey Results

May 5, 2016

It is clear that the patient portal has been a development that is much used and appreciated by our survey group, with 89% of respondents having used it. We would like to share some of the feedback with you.

At a national level it was a surprise to learn that the portal is used most frequently to look at test results, although at Medplus we had already reached that conclusion.

Have you used the patient portal to: -


To make an appointment on line?


To review test results?


To order a repeat prescription?


To ask your doctor a question?


To look at your medical classifications, allergies, measurements and immunisations?


A whopping 87% found the portal easy or very easy to use, and 86% found it useful or very useful.

The comments were on the whole very favourable and we appreciated hearing them! Here are just a few:-

“It is wonderful! I work as a doctor and this makes it so easy for me to access healthcare. The fact that I can do so much online when your clinic isn't open is really, really appreciated. Your practice has got to be one of the best in Auckland. Well done!"

“Compared with patient portals at some other medical centres this is a very easily to use"

“I love this feature of my medical care, particularly booking appointments and viewing test results. Thanks for being a market leader Medplus!"

“I think it's a great way of keeping track of test results year on year, a very valuable offering by Medplus."

“Really easy to use and appreciate it being made available to me. Very convenient to be able to do repeat prescriptions and make appointments outside of opening hours. Think it is a great service. Thank you."

“Excellent to use. Saves time and money for yourself and releases medical staff. Every doctors practice should have online portal."

“It's great! Easy to use. Especially great when I have a sick child - can book online at night when things quieten down and I remember. Great way to get test results and also to check back across results."

“I love the portal; it makes it far easier to book appointments as you can see exactly when your dr is working. It is also great to be able to message the dr directly."

“Brilliant. It's easy to forget, or not get told the actual results, and I like to know the exact results, then read up on the linked pages all about it."

The survey was anonymous, so to our valued clients who used the comments to ask for help with using the portal, we are very sorry that we have not been able to respond to you directly. Our friendly reception team are always there to help, or to provide service if you choose not to use the portal. We are constantly in touch with the Health 365 developer, Dr Ashwin Patel, and feedback all your comments to him. We are happy to say the portal continues to evolve for the better. Here are a few of your comments that we wanted to be able to reply in person to: -

“I think there is a charge for using it, and so unless there was no charge, (on the pension every penny counts) I wouldn't use it, but rely on calling the surgery for what I require."

Response – Medplus pays for the portal for you so there is no charge for using most of the functions. The charges only apply for services you already pay for, such as repeat prescriptions and consultations. Those functions do not necessarily need to be used. Please note it is $5 cheaper to order a repeat prescription via the portal than it is via the nurse – a great saving for a pensioner. 38% of portal users are over 60, so age does not seem to be a barrier.

“don't agree with you charging higher price for prescription ordering over the phone when a message is left. Surely no extra time taken in listening to message than reading email! Not everyone wants to do business by computer"

Response – If you phone in for a repeat prescription it requires a nurse to take the call, confirm what is actually required, print out a prescription and put it in front of the GP to check and sign. If you use the portal the request is delivered directly to the GP. This frees up nurse time to look after patients. We like to pass on this cost saving directly to the patients. For those who prefer to speak to a member of staff we still provide that service.

“When requesting a repeat prescription recently, I failed to complete the final step ... I think I had to scroll down to hit the "Confirm" button. It wasn't clear to me whether I had correctly completed the procedure. I went back to the portal a couple of days later and realised that I had another step to do."

Response - We have been begging the portal developer at Health 365 to improve this screen, so that it is clear that you have to press the confirm button, which may, on your device be further down the screen. We regret that in late April there was a problem with a new updated version which made it slightly more confusing. However, this should be resolved shortly.

“I always forget my password which is why I don't use it :( I feel bad calling asking for it every time."

“The passwords are too long and can only be used once. Each time I access to get a repeat prescription I have to ask for a new password. Not user friendly and frustrating."

Response – The password we send you when we register you is only to allow you access and then it is expected that you change your password within Health 365 to something memorable and private to you. Please do this for security reasons. Remember to treat your password with care – as you would a bank PIN. If you do forget your password there is a “forgotten password" feature to help you organise to have it reset.

“I set up password for one daughter but found none of her history or info loaded. I was hoping to be able to manage appointment bookings for both daughters under 1 login but looks like I need to set up individually?"

The system is set up so a parent can access their under 12-year-old children's portals. You should be able to do all the same things as you can do for yourself. If you are having trouble with this please ask the receptionist to show you how to toggle between you and your children next time you are in.

“I don't remember how to use it as can't remember how to log in..... So may need a new lesson / instructions please . I remember having difficulty somehow getting in..... So would love some help please"

Response – No problem. We would love to help you get this sorted out. Please ask a receptionist for a tutorial.