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Our Next Normal.

June 18, 2020

These have been certainly surreal times as we've confronted the CoVid 19 Virus and all the

uncertainty, fear, and isolation that we've experienced individually and collectively as a


We will all gradually evolve from the lockdown and social restrictions to where we will need to

adapt ourselves to a changing society.

During this re-entry process we'll be required to define a "New Normal" in regard to our

routines, lifestyle, and relationships, and likely even our sense of identity and

purpose/meaning in life will undergo transformation.

In many ways the virus has created a "Void" in our lives that needs to re-defined following this

period of profound change, grief and loss, and how we adjust to ripples of this "New World."

It is often as life resumes to "normal" that we can allow ourselves to experience the full range

of life experience as we move from survival mode to living with more freedom beyond the

daily groundhog day of existence.

It is during times like these, ironically, that people can feel more anxious, distressed,

confused, and unhappy. It can be quite shocking as though on the surface things are "better

and safer" but we may feel worse. Previously, we were holding it all together and now can

finally relax as the immediate threats have receded only to be replaced by new challenges as

we co-create the "Next Normal" and move forward.

It can be helpful to have a professional therapeutic relationship in order to work through the

pace and degree of change during recovery so that one is not alone with their experience but

can share their concerns in a safe and understanding environment. Together we can make

sense of and gain some clarity, confidence and direction as life goes on.

Frank Hayes is a Psychologist with over 30 years experience working with individuals, youth,

families, and groups. He has been at Medplus working with the team since 2011.