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Orange Traffic Light Procedures at Medplus

Jan. 7, 2022

Orange Traffic Light Procedures at Medplus

Here are our guidelines for our patients at Medplus. Please understand that we would very much like to go back to practicing in the way we did in 2019 but must follow these procedures for the safety of our patients and our staff. We are doing everything to make sure that Medplus is a safe place for everyone to come to, including our most vulnerable patients – the very young, the immunocompromised and the frail. Thank you very much to the vast majority who are incredibly understanding and cooperative. Please note, we will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse to our staff from those who do not wish to comply.

Scan In

We ask patients to please scan in at the door on entry.


Patients must wear a mask in all interactions, preferably a surgical style mask if possible. We would encourage children over the age of 2 years to wear a mask if they can.

Red Patients

Any patient with any COVID symptom or COVID exposure needs to be seen in our RED CABIN at Medplus Lake Road, Hauraki. Red patients are not seen at Anne Street.

COVID symptoms include fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell etc. This includes even very mild symptoms and includes what we would in the past have simply put down to a 'cold'.

If your appointment is about a different matter but you have COVID symptoms you are still a Red Patient.

To book an appointment if you have COVID symptoms please call reception. You probably be called back by one of our experienced nurses to do some phone triage.

When you arrive at Medplus we ask you to wait in your car in the car park. Your car details will be taken by our receptionists so we can find you.

You will be seen by a GP or Nurse Practitioner who will be wearing full PPE and who will clean down the cabin between appointments. Because this takes additional time Red Clinic appointments are only for one condition, anything else will be seen when you are better by your normal GP.

Green patients

Patients without COVID symptoms or exposure can choose between virtual or in person appointments. Please note that if you have a condition that will require an examination, such as a pain, you will need to be seen in person. You can choose to be seen at Medplus Anne Street in Devonport or Medplus Lake Road in Hauraki. Appointments can be booked on the portal or via our reception team. If you need an appointment on the day (ie an urgent appointment) you will be called back by an experienced nurse who will triage your condition and see how best we can help you. Your problem may be able to be solved on the phone.

Your GP or Nurse may choose to wear full PPE but will, at a minimum wear a mask. The surfaces you come in contact with will be cleaned between patients.

Your Red or Green status does not depend on your vaccination state, although we would encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Red or Green is entirely down to your symptoms on the day you have your appointment.

If you have a double appointment we will start off on the phone whilst you are in your car, and bring you in for your examination, to minimise your time in the rooms.

If you are bringing an escort you please need to ensure that they have no Red Symptoms. They need to scan in on entry to Medplus.

If you are coming in for a long procedure, such as an Aclasta infusion, iron infusion, surgery or a Mirena insertion, we will ask you to do a COVID swab 72 hours prior to your appointment and will only see you if this is negative.

Currently we are not doing spirometry.

Waiting room

Our waiting room is currently only open for vaccinated green patients, this is to protect our vulnerable patients, such as the very frail, the very young, and the immunocompromised. We need to keep you distanced, at 2m, so there is not a lot of space. We therefore ask you to limit yourself to one escort to accompany you to an appointment. Exceptions will be made for those who must bring children because there is no other carer available.

Green patients (and their escorts) will be screened at the front door for:

Patients will be returned to their cars to wait when:

There will be chairs outside the front door for patients who arrived without a vehicle to wait.


In January we will not be operating our normal weekend urgent clinics, however we will be operating some vaccination clinics.