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The Medplus Medical Assistants

Aug. 17, 2019

Kristhea and Rita job share this telephone based role, but you may sometimes get to meet them at the reception desk. We introduced the role in 2016 to try and help our doctors and nurses keep on top of their ever growing administrative workload.

If you have phoned in with a query over the last year there is a good chance you have already spoken to one of them. Whilst the reception team manage the process of booking appointments, taking payments and ensuring that medical records are collated, the medical assistants have the role of assisting patients with clinical enquiries.

They are not nurses, although both of them have had some medical training overseas. They are here to put your queries to the right person and to follow up to ensure you get given an answer. They are also here to convey messages to you from your doctor. For example, they will contact you if you need a blood test, or to check you are doing ok following a hospital discharge.

They will call you up to make an appointment if the doctor is worried about a result. They may call you when you have started a new medication and your doctor wants to know it is going well. They also organise your repeat prescriptions if you phone in – but remember if you use the portal it is $5 cheaper. If you need a letter for insurance, or you need a referral letter talk to them. If you are having trouble communicating with the hospital on an issue they may also be able to help.

Please note, that they cannot answer clinical questions themselves, but will advise on how to get the information you need, which may be suggesting you come in to see the doctor.

We are sure you will discover that the medical assistants provide a useful service, helping you to make the most out of Medplus and our clinical staff.