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Medplus Devonport NOW OPEN

Nov. 22, 2020

Dr Michele Hollis cannot wait to show you the inside of our new branch of Medplus at 29 Anne Street in Devonport. Michele has been very busy project managing the renovation and anticipates an opening in December. "The builders have been doing a very sympathetic job on bringing this lovely old bungalow back to life." she says. "We have made a few key changes to best use the space and to make it bright, fresh and airy and yet keep its character". The branch centre will have rooms for up to 3 doctors and one nurse.

"We have been struggling with space at Hauraki Corner for several years and jumped at an opportunity to open a branch in an area where many of our existing patients reside" says Dr Heidi MacRae. "When we opened our doors at Hauraki Corner in 2011, we had huge anxiety about what we were going to do with so many rooms, but they have all been full for a long while now. We are now all hot desking, and sometimes working remotely to ensure we keep up with demand."

Michele commented "One of the few silver linings of Covid 19 was it gave our space issues a reprieve, as we demonstrated to our team and our patients that practicing virtual medicine (by phone or video) actually works very well for some types of consultation. In the last few weeks face to face patient demand has really shot back up to where it used to be, after falling off dramatically for many months. The additional space in Devonport will be very welcome."

We anticipate opening on 1st December, subject to all the final building work coming together.

Michele has fond memories of working at Anne Street about 20 years ago with Dr Alistair Borwick and Dr Rex Browne, and is looking forward to returning.

Medplus Devonport is going to be a branch of Medplus Lake Road and will share the same phone number and website. Most of the back-office staff will be based at Medplus Lake Road, but there will be one receptionist in Devonport to greet you. The computer system is shared so whichever doctor at whichever site will have access to all your records.

Our initial plan is to have Dr Michele Hollis and Dr Heidi MacRae doing almost all their work from Medplus Devonport. Both will visit Medplus Lake Road once a week, so those patients from further north can visit them without having to travel down Lake Road. Remember, they can still do phone and video consultations from either site. They are delighted to announce that they are to be joined by Dr Tanja Minic, initially for 2 days per week. Tanja knows the Anne Street building well, having worked there previously. "I am looking forward to coming back to Devonport, I really enjoyed working in the local community." Heidi and Tanja have been reminiscing about how they met when their children attended Melrose Preschool in Devonport together, almost 15 years ago – how time flies. Tanja has also worked with Dr Fiona Kerr in the past, and we know she will fit in with the Medplus team very well.

Medplus Devonport will be supported by Medplus Lake Road for evenings and weekend cover, and over the Christmas period. The two centres share one computer system, so your records will be available wherever you attend. The plan is that Medplus Lake Road will solely offer a Red Clinic, for anyone with coughs, colds, sore throats, or fevers and those needing or wanting COVID swabs. "It just does not make sense to duplicate that service at two sites, with two doctors waiting around in PPE" says Heidi. "Medplus Devonport will be just for Green Patients – all those without coughs, colds, sore throats or fevers. We know that this division is very frustrating at times, for us as well as our patients, but it is the only way we can operate safely. We will need patients to mask up, whichever branch they visit."