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Measles Update

Sept. 25, 2019

Measles Update

At the current time we have no control over the number of MMR vaccinations we are being supplied with. It has been indicated that until the end of the year we will only be allocated 20-30 vaccinations every 3 weeks, although we could probably use about 200 immediately.

The direction we are currently being given about the order of priority for vaccinations is: -

  1. Scheduled immunisations at 12 months and 4 years.
  2. Based on clinical need you may give one dose of MMR to people under 30 years of age with no recorded MMR (Pacific and Māori only) and babies six to 11 months (travellers / contacts)
  3. People aged 30-50 are not a priority to receive MMR vaccine even post measles contact

Our predicted supply of MMR vaccinations does not even cover our 12 months and 4-year olds who are the greatest priority to protect. With much regret our focus must be on these children over all other groups. Whilst we would very much like to be able to vaccinate anyone who is not fully vaccinated our supply is the limiting factor. Mothers of small babies can be reassured that breast feeding offers good protection against measles.

The measles epidemic is likely to be with us for many months. We hope that in 2020 there will be more vaccinations available so that we can offer them to many more of our patients.

Please be assured that if we suddenly manage to get more vaccinations, we will communicate this to you. We apologise profusely to all those of you who are desperate for vaccination who we can not help at this time, we wish we could. It is a great disappointment to us to turn people away.

As soon as vaccinations are more readily available, we highly recommend that everyone under 50 ensures they have 2 documented vaccinations. Measles will return in the future unless we get adequate herd immunity.