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Measles Update October

Oct. 23, 2019

Measles Update October

We are delighted that we are now being supplied with far more MMR vaccines than the Incident Management Team originally planned at this time for our population. This means we can immunise a wider range of ages than we were previously allowed.

We are now actively recalling infants who are 6 months and over who have not had an MMR. If your baby is between 6 months and 12 months please call our Medical Assistants to book a virtual consult with one of our GPs, who will authorise an under 1 year vaccination.

As per normal, we are also recalling anyone who is due their 15 month and 4 year old MMR vaccinations.

We can also now vaccinate anyone under 30 who has not had a previous MMR vaccination. This is particularly important for Maori and Pacifica, students (both school and tertiary education), new mums and family members of new born babies.

For those who work in high risk environments, like schools, early childhood centres, prisons or other institutions we can offer anyone under 50 years of age one MMR.

Please do not miss this opportunity to get a free vaccination if you are eligible.

Whilst the measles outbreak looks like it may have passed its peak locally things may change very quickly. Teenagers are shortly going to be assembled in large groups for their exams. This is a potential risk time for spreading the most infectious virus on Earth. Please do not be hesitant in booking vaccinations for you or your family if you need them. Phone reception to make an appointment with our practice nurse team.