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Looking forward to helping you in Level 1

Oct. 6, 2020


On 8th October we will be down to level 1 in Auckland. We continue to provide all the services you need, but please note, we are still operating with additional precautions in place to ensure that Medplus is a safe place for everyone to visit, especially those who are frail or vulnerable. We are offering face to face, phone, and video consultations.

It is unlikely that you need to be reminded, but the first place where sick people present is at a Medical Centre. We have had COVID cases before and there is a chance we will have more in the future. If we operate safely we keep YOU and YOUR FAMILY SAFE when you come here, we also keep our staff safe (all of whom have their own bubbles that they want to protect) and we want to make sure that Medplus stays open. We may be forced to close for a period if staff are exposed to COVID, which would inconvenience many. So please work within our safety framework so we can best help you.

We appreciate that so many of you have thanked us for our safe practices so far. It has been challenging at times, but we believe worth the investment in time and energy.

You will see we have a new portacabin in our carpark, this is for our RED CLINIC. Any patients who have symptoms that are compatible with possible COVID 19 are seen in the cabin by a doctor in PPE. Previously our Red Clinic clinicians have had to work in the car park come rain or shine. Given COVID may be around for some while we are ensuring we can totally segregate our Red and Green streams of patients, regardless of the weather, as per national guidelines.

Please can you read the following guidelines so there are no surprises when you come to Medplus: -