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Feb. 27, 2021


We share your disappointment that we find ourselves back in a level 3 lockdown 2 weeks on from the last one, but trust this is the best way to keep us all safe. Please read the following carefully as there are dramatic changes to the way we have to work. We are closing today, Sunday 28th February as it is difficult to operate at level 3 on a skeleton staff. We will reopen on Monday 1st March and will continue to look after you and your family.

In Level 3 the majority of our consults have to be by phone or by video. You probably heard the Prime Minister mention this would be the case in her briefing last night. We are following the guidelines we are given and are keen to deliver healthcare in a safe way - safe for our patients and our staff.

Any appointment you have booked will now be assumed to be a phone or video consult - please do not turn up to either branch of Medplus. We have to cancel all surgical procedures for now.

Most of our doctors will only be working by phone or video. There will be 2 doctors in PPE to examine patients who have to be seen, both at Medplus Lake Road. One will be seeing all RED patients (those who have any cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, or fever) and one will be seeing all GREEN patients who have to be examined. The majority of the Medplus building will be closed, including reception. We will have one nurse in PPE doing vaccinations and dressings, but only for patients who have no coughs or colds. All other standard nurse face to face consultations are curtailed for now. Our nurses will be assisting with COVID swabbing which will largely happen in the Lake Road car park.

If you are invited in for a RED or GREEN appointment please wait in your car. Our waiting room is closed, You will be called by phone when it is your turn to be seen.

We are working as 2 separate bubble teams, one at Anne Street and one at Lake Road. This way if one team gets stood down because of COVID exposure we will still be able to provide some services.

You may book a phone or video consultation on the portal. If you want to have a COVID swab please phone reception. All appointments for that day do need to be booked through a phone call to reception and then your phone call will be triaged.

If you have a virtual consultation and it turns out you need to be examined, this will be arranged at no additional cost.

If you do have to come in for an examination you will need to be wearing a mask.

All payment will need to be by credit card or online banking. Please note that payment is still expected on the day that services were received.

Thank you so much for cooperating with the changes. We really appreciate that almost all of you have been accomodating of the changes we have had to make at each level.