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​If we are running late…….

Aug. 8, 2016


Whilst we wish we ran to time with the precision of a Swiss watch, the very nature of our business means it is impossible to keep to time all of the time. Most of our doctors will fluctuate from running on time to running 30 minutes late a couple of times within the course of a day. When you book an appointment please bear this in mind with your scheduling. We try to plan for this too, giving our staff regular catch up breaks, so they can regularly recover from running late.

The very variable and unpredictable nature of our workload means it is very hard to schedule with accuracy. Some of our patients' issues are very quick and easy to deal with and others can be complex and lengthy. We allow for 15 minute consultations to try to accommodate the length of the majority of consultations, whilst other medical centres allow as little as 6 minutes. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that sometimes a doctor gets a cluster of patients booked, who are all complex and need extra time. Luckily most of the time the doctors end up with a few quick and simple cases dispersed throughout their day which helps offset delays.

We are obliged to deal with medical emergencies as they present themselves, so sometimes a patient who is very sick will be seen ahead of the queue. We recognise that this is frustrating, but please remember that if you become seriously ill we will drop everything to assist you. Because of privacy issues we cannot announce what is causing the delay, but if you see an ambulance at Medplus you can tell we have had a very sick patient.

It is very difficult for the reception staff to estimate how late your GP will be running. The GP may be on time, but even a minute before your appointment a child could present with meningitis, causing considerable delay subsequently. If we recognise there is a significant delay, which the doctor is unlikely to recover from, our reception staff will endeavour to let you know.

We audit our team regularly and have high expectations that they will strive to run on time. We teach them strategies and techniques for helping to keep to schedule. Please help them achieve this: -

Always have a quick word with our friendly reception team if you have been kept waiting. They can reassure you that you have actually been checked in as arrived to see the doctor and may be able to give you a rough idea about how much longer you may wait. Please do tell our receptionists if you have a medical emergency so that you can be prioritised accordingly.