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Health 365 Portal Updates

Oct. 5, 2016

How to use the Health 365 Portal for linked children.

If you scroll down to the bottom of your home page you will see blue bars containing the names of any children aged under 12 who are linked to your account. If you click on them, you can then access their home page to make appointments or order repeat prescriptions.

Keeping your Health 365 Portal access secure

Just a reminder that if anyone accesses your Health 365 Portal they will see your confidential medical records. In order to keep your records private, ensure that your email address used to connect you to the portal is your own and not a shared address, and keep your password secure.

Change your password regularly by clicking on your user name box at the top right of the home page and entering a new password that you do not use for anything else. Treat the password just like you should a bank pin number.

We are aware of a privacy breech when a married couple had some shared email accounts and just one password that they both used for many secure sites. The husband logged into the wife's portal accidentally as he had forgotten which email account he used for his portal. Whilst this did not cause an issue for this couple it highlights that there could be a problem if the relationship was acrimonious.

If you are worried this could be a problem for you just let our receptionists know and they can change the email address you are registered under or de register you from the portal.

Using the Online Consultation option on Health 365

If you have asked a question online using this feature you will be sent an email to alert you that there is a response on the portal when it has been answered. To see the response, you need to log back into the portal. The response does not get emailed directly to you for security reasons. Please check your spam if you do not get an email alert– some email settings divert this alert to spam.

Please note that anything you send to us via this stamps into your medical records permanently and cannot be deleted, so please use it for you and not for a question about a family member.

This is a very popular feature, but please remember there is a charge attached to using it. Please remember that your GP takes time to answer these online questions, usually after they have finished consulting for the day. The charge varies from $20 for a quick response to $50 when there is a to and fro of questions or when 15 minutes of time has been used. We are now standardising our billing for the portal and even if you have not been charged in the past for using it we wish to alert you that you will be in future. This facility is best used for a brief, non-urgent, follow on question from a recent consult rather than a new issue. Think carefully about whether you would get best value for money from coming in for a consultation. Your doctor will advise if you need to be seen and will not charge you if this is the response. Please note a charge applies for questions about children and pregnant women. Occasionally your GP may ask you to supply information via the portal and there will normally be no charge for this as long as no response is required.