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GP phone triage for same day appointments

May 15, 2020

GP Phone Triage for Same Day Appointment Requests

We are trying something new, so please bear with us whilst we perfect this. If you need an appointment on the day (for accidents, urgent issues, and any other problem that can not wait) you will firstly receive a brief phone call from an experienced GP.

Appointments on the day will only be able to be booked via reception - apologies to portal users, you can still book ahead on the portal. Please be aware there will be plenty of same day appointments available - they will just not be visible on the portal.

This new way of operating is to ensure that we offer you the most appropriate service. You can be directed to the most appropriate person for the right amount of time and can be guided as to whether we can manage this via a virtual (phone or video) consultation or if we need to see you face to face. During this COVID 19 era it also helps us to seperate out our Red and Green Streams of patients. Our aim is to make our service even more convenient, prioritise those who have urgent need and ensure we manage demand in the best possible way. This is not us reinventing the wheel, it is part of a tried and tested model of healthcare being rolled out around the country, called Health Care Homes.

Because it is new for us, and because we are coming out of a very quiet phase we are unsure of the demand. We intend to call you back very quickly, but certainly within a couple of hours.

The call from the GP is not a phone consult - but just a brief chat about what your needs are today. Sometimes the call will circumvent the need for an appointment, for example we may be able to quickly provide the paper work or lab form you need. Sometimes we will be able to give parents of children the quick reassurance they need about a symptom and save them a visit. We will be able to ensure you have the right amount of time - for example, if you are very low and depressed a 15 minute appointment is completely inadequate. The GP Phone Triage will steer you into a longer appointment and can give you some questionaires to do prior to your appointment that day, to make the appointment more effective. It gives us an opportunity to fast track someone with possible heart disease, who thinks they have indigestion, and book them for an ECG prior to seeing their doctor urgently.

The reason we are activating this new model of care now, in a time of crisis, is because it will assist us to cope with managing potential COVID cases more safely. We can stream patients according to their risk and ensure that Medplus remains a safe place to visit.

We hope that you will find this new way of operating beneficial to you and your family, we are aiming for continual improvement.