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Going on a trip ?

April 4, 2017

Organising your travel health needs is complex and involves much more than just getting a few vaccinations. We recommend that you get your travel health organised several weeks prior to departing.

At Medplus our travel clinic team can provide you comprehensive travel information, including advice on what to include in your travel kit, a letter of certification to cover any medication you may be travelling with, advice on how to manage any medical conditions you currently have, or that occur whilst you are away, and we can also provide most of the recommended vaccinations you require.

All our travel clinic consultations are individualised, and you are the best one to provide the most accurate details for this. When you phone to book your travel clinic appointment (please make sure you book for each family member), we will ask you to complete and return a travel checklist which will be used by the clinical staff to assist with your consultation. You can find this on our website or we can send it to you.

Please make sure you allow a longer time to complete the travel clinic consultation and an additional 20 mins for monitoring after administration of any vaccinations.

Some good websites to look at prior to your appointment are:

Bon Voyage!