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​Countdown to flu vaccinations

March 12, 2018

We anticipate that the roll out of flu vaccinations will happen in April this year, somewhat later than we have been used to. We will post more information as soon as we have a clearer timeline.

This year the vaccine is going to cover 4 strains of flu, rather than 3. It has been formulated to cover the H3N2 strain that has caused chaos in the northern hemisphere over their winter. The UK has nicknamed the deadly strain as Aussie Flu, and it is tipped to be the worst flu season in 20 years. The USA has also had a deadly flu season which has pushed their hospitals to breaking point. Read the articles below for more information about the impact of flu worldwide.

As the vaccine is being rolled out later than normal it is imperative that those most vulnerable to the flu get vaccinated very early on, to ensure protection before the flu season takes hold in New Zealand.