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​The Flu Vaccine has arrived – do not delay!

April 5, 2018

The Flu Vaccine 2018 – Do not delay!

After the worst flu season in decades in the Northern Hemisphere we are pleased that we finally have our flu vaccine supply so we can start providing protection to our community. Get yours now, by making an appointment to see our practice nurse, or get it at the start of your GP appointment.

This year there is a change to the vaccine, instead of protecting against 3 strains of flu it this year protects against 4, including H3N2, the deadly Aussie Flu. As a consequence of being beefed up this year, it unfortunately arrived many weeks later than normal. The vaccines need to be distributed before the flu season starts, which means we need to be administering them as fast as possible. There is no time for procrastination this year, get immunised as soon as possible. The vaccine takes 2 weeks to take effect, so it is very important that those most vulnerable get it before the flu season starts.

Influenza immunisation is recommended and offered free to:

If you wish to have a flu vaccination and you do not meet the criteria above you are most welcome to have a flu vaccination for a small fee. We strongly recommend it to those who are traveling, those living in close proximity to others (university halls or hostels), those who risk exposure through work (medical and teaching staff) and anyone who is contact with small babies, pregnant women or those with poor health.

If you are given a flu vaccination elsewhere, for example, at work, please give us the details so we can record it in your medical history. You can use the portal to send us this information if you wish.

Please make an appointment for a flu vaccination with the practice nurse as soon as possible by calling Medplus on 4892011. If you are coming in to see a doctor in the next few weeks, please tell the doctor you want a flu vaccination when they collect you from the waiting room. This way the vaccine can be administered at the very start of your appointment, rather than at the end, meaning you will not have to wait around for 15 minutes afterwards for monitoring.

Whilst we are delighted that the shingles vaccination is to be funded for our older patients as from April, we are initially going to focus all our efforts on getting over 2000 flu vaccines administered prior to the flu season. As soon as this time critical work has been completed we will look forward to inviting in those eligible for a free shingles vaccination.