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Flu vaccinations 2020

March 18, 2020

Flu Vaccinations

We are anticipating that there will be no difficulty in persuading our at-risk patients to have a flu vaccination this year. Fortunately, the flu vaccinations have arrived early, and we are ready to start vaccinating those in the eligible groups. Please note, it gives no protection against Covid 19, but it may keep you out of hospital during a period where hospital beds are going to be a scarce resource.

As a practice we are going to have to be very smart about how we manage all patients with flu like illness, so that we do not risk our other patients getting sick or our staff becoming unwell. Therefore, we will be providing virtual consultations to those that are, rather than the traditional visit to the clinic. Please do not come to the clinic with a fever, cough or cold symptoms, but make a virtual appointment with reception. Virtual clinics can be either by video or phone.

We are unable to provide unfunded (i.e. privately paid for) vaccinations until 18th April. Whilst this is very frustrating to those of you who would like to be vaccinated against flu sooner, it does mean that we can vaccinate the most vulnerable and at risk first. Please be understanding of this, and do not, as has already happened, have heated rows with our staff. We completely understand that everyone is highly anxious at this time, but please understand the restrictions we are working under.

Those people invited now are the ones who are over 65 years old, those who have respiratory issues (such as being an asthmatic on a regular preventer or having COPD), those who have heart disease, pregnant women, children aged 4 years or under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or who have a history of significant respiratory illness and those with active cancers and those who are immunosuppressed.

Please phone and make an appointment at one of our flu clinics if you fall into one o f those groups. We will open up private flu vaccinations to those who do not meet the criteria as soon as we are allowed to. This is currently thought to be 13th April. We have not yet received the vaccinations for those under 4 years.

Stay well, stay safe and follow all the advice being given out by the Ministry of Health.

Kia Kaha.