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Fees Review

Dec. 15, 2021

We wish to give you an advanced warning that our fees are going to increase slightly from 1st January 2022. The uplift will be by $2- $5 across our range of services. We believe that our fee structure still represents very good value for money for the quality of services we provide.

The last time we increased our fees was in 2019 and since then have faced significant increases in costs.

Our fee increases are regulated by the government, and we are given a percentage that we can increase by each year, dependent on the government's estimates of increases in operating costs. We chose not to increase our fees last year when so many in our community were struggling.

Please note, if you are under financial stress please check your eligibility for a Community Services Card, which significantly reduces your fees with us.

Some practices in high needs areas get significantly more government funding per patient than we get and are able to offer very low fees. There is not a level playing field and we can not compete on price with them unfortunately.