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The end of the evening surcharge

Aug. 20, 2017

We are delighted to inform you that we have been listening to your feedback and have decided to now charge normal day time rates in the evenings for a trial period. This applies to our own enrolled patients only, and visitors to the practice still have a surcharge after 6pm. This reduction in fees starts on 1st September.

This will mean all enrolled children under 13 years of age can be seen for free from 8am to 8pm between Monday and Friday.

We will now have 2 doctors working up until 8pm most weekday evenings and it is possible to book to see them by appointment. Please note we do not operate a walk-in clinic in the evenings, but please do phone and ask in an emergency as an appointment may be available at short notice.

We know that our patients want convenience and flexibility with getting medical appointments and we hope that this measure will greatly facilitate both. We are also now offering more nurse clinics, such as smear clinics, in the evening too. Please take advantage of our evening clinics and use them so that this service becomes sustainable.

Remember we are also open on weekends from 9am to 12 noon – and no appointment is required. A surcharge remains at weekends because it is more expensive to staff this service.

Increase in fees from 1st September.

We have been able to hold most of our prices this year and there is only one increase. Adults between 25 and 65 years will have a $1 fee increase from $58 to $59 dollars.