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Eligibility for subsidised healthcare – evidence is now required

Nov. 6, 2018

Eligibility for subsidised healthcare – evidence is now required

The NZ government requires that all patients prove they are eligible to receive funded healthcare, and we are tasked by the Ministry of Health to collect this evidence for enrolment purposes. If we are not able to confirm your eligibility, your enrolment at the medical centre cannot be completed and you will remain a visitor to the clinic. As a visitor you can still access all the services Medplus has to offer, however, as there will be no subsidy your fees will be higher.

So, when we ask you for proof of eligibility please do not be offended. This is standard practice for all patients of any background, even if you are a New Zealand citizen we are required to confirm your status.

We understand that you may find this frustrating, especially if Medplus has been your medical centre for several years. Please be assured that once we have confirmed your eligibility status, you will not usually be asked again (unless you have a visa with an expiry date in which case we will need the updated visa once you have received it).

Please remember that even if you are eligible for funded healthcare you will need to pay the more expensive visitor rate until you can give us the documentation to prove your eligibility. Medical practices get audited to ensure they are following the regulations, and there are large financial penalties for practices who are enrolling ineligible patients.

New Zealand Citizens or permanent residents are only able to access the funded health care if they are actually planning to live in NZ for greater than 6 months of the next 12 months. If therefore you are visiting NZ but actually live overseas you will have to pay visitor rates until you return for good.

In order to prove your eligibility, you will need to show us certain documentation which we scan into your medical records as part of our audit trail:

Examples of identity documents include:

The following cards may also be used for proof of identity (but not proof of eligibility)

Requirements for these documents are waived for children.

We cannot and will not break these Ministry of Health regulations, however much we wish to help you. We ask for your cooperation and understanding when our staff have to implement the regulations.

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