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Feb. 28, 2021

Do I need a COVID swab??

We are really impressed with our local community who have been very proactive about swabbing when appropriate.

Always the priority is those at greatest risk, those who may have been in contact with a case.

In addition, any one with symptoms needs a swab. This is where we sometimes meet some resistance, as some people assume that their symptoms are 'just a head cold' and that they could not possibly have COVID. This is probably why there was a delay in the recent case not getting tested and going to the gym after his test. That poor guy is not alone in his way of thinking unfortunately.

Typically, we have been advising anyone with any respiratory symptoms to get a test. This includes.

However, with the new UK variant, there are some different symptoms that may be relevant.

For more information on the variant symptoms please go to

After a test, please isolate until your test results are back. Even if you test negative please isolate until all your symptoms are gone – no one needs to catch a virus from you that will be confused with COVID until proven otherwise. Our nation's previous mantra of "taking a concrete pill", or "sucking it up" and continuing to work or study even through illness can not apply during this pandemic.