Ph 09 489 2011 o location map & hours



Aug. 17, 2021

For those of you who need a COVID swab call us before you head off to the queues at the CBAC testing sites.

If you want a COVID swab the process is to phone reception. You will be put on a phone list for a senior nurse or doctor to call back, complete some of the paper work and book you a time.


Drive into the car park at the allocated time and park in the designated spots adjacent to our building on the left. Please do not call reception when you arrive - we will find you. A team member in PPE will come to you in your car and will swab you (via a nostril) through the window. They will also take your temperature and check your heart rate.

The first priority are those who have been to a location of interest or those with symptoms, any cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat or fever symptoms, and especially in those who have had contact with COVID 19 patients.

Our whole team have to be swabbed regularly. We can all tell you that although it is not much fun being swabbed, it is over very quickly.

Test results had been turned round in 24 hours up until now, but with the massive increase in swabbing the labs may not be able to consistently achieve this. You will be sent a text with your results by the Ministry of Health and you will be able to see them on the portal. Please do not phone for them unless you have not heard in 3 days.

Swabs are free on any day of the week at this time. Our own patients are our first priority. If we have slack in the system we can swab visitors.

We hope that you will find this service really convenient to use.