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Jan. 24, 2016

We regularly audit how many patients fail to attend appointments or give us inadequate notice of a cancellation. Last week 24 appointments were booked but unused, equivalent to wasting two doctors’ morning surgeries.

Without a doubt the majority of those 24 appointments could have been rebooked by fellow patients if we had been given just 2 working hours’ notice.  We really appreciate those patients who give us ample warning that they wish to cancel a booked appointment, they are being fair to other patients who want appointments, and fair to the doctors, who do not get paid if their patient does not attend.

Unlike hairdressers, beauticians and dentists who regularly charge if they do not get 24 hours’ notice, we are happy to accept just 2 hours’ notice because we appreciate how quickly things can change. All patients enrolled with Medplus have signed a form agreeing to give 2 working hours’ notice and informing them that a fee can be charged if notice is not given. 

Cancellations need to be made by phone to our reception team, on 4892011.