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Are smartphones good for your health

Dec. 4, 2013

Smart phones have invaded our consultation rooms and we are better off for it. Innovative patients take photos of their rashes (so we can see they looked at their peak), record their husbands snoring (to try and help us with the diagnosis of sleep apnoea) and video their children having seizures. Now if we ask a patient what pills they are on we rarely hear that “it is the little white ones”, but get shown a close up photo of the label on the box, complete with strength and frequency of dosing. Smart phones are fantastic for recording menstrual cycles, working out fertile times, monitoring the frequency of headaches and generally keeping organised easily accessible records. 

There are tens of thousands of health related apps to consider too. As with all things they do vary in quality. In future newsletters our doctors will give more of their top picks to help you choose some of the most useful.